Dragon Ball Legends for Android and iOS!

Bandai Namco and Toei animation launched Dragon Ball Legends for iOS and Android 83 days ago. Upon release, it received positive reviews among the fans and is considered as one of the best Dragon Ball games because of the gameplay. It can be played with a single hand as the player needs to select a card and swipe left or right.

But playing the game is not as easy as it seems. Many opponents are very tough to beat and there are a certain advantages and disadvantages of having different characters in your team. All this will be explained in the latter part of the post.

Dragon Ball Legends

After the Tournament of Power, the life of Universe 7 is normal again until fighters from different ages started to appear. Goku had defeated a number of foes until a Saiyan boy appears and he’s nothing like Goku had ever seen before. Yes, you guessed it right. That boy is none other than Shallot.

Several other characters debuted in the game such as Zahha(the guy with two swords) and the Saiyan in red(who looks a lot like Shallot). A character known as Giblet is also set to appear in the game soon. The game is updated regularly and with each update new characters and missions are added.

Dragon Ball Legends requires players to gather Z power to achieve new characters. When a player gets 100 Z power he/she gets that particular character to their character list.

The gameplay is as follows:



Various in-game challenges and events that need to be completed in a particular amount of time.


Your characters can be trained for a particular amount of time using training weights( 100 kg, 200 kg, crate of milk bottles, gravity x10 machine fuel and silver bell). This increases your fighter’s level depending on the training he/she’s been through.

PvP(player versus player):

Battle with players across the world to increase your battle rank(max 50) and rating points to rank among the worlds best players.


The player receives these job requests when he/she plays pvp battles. The players primary have three adventure slots in which they can send their characters to an adventure to obtain zeni and souls. The players who are on an adventure cannot be trained but can be played with in pvp or the story.

There are three types of successes in adventures: Success, Great success and huge success. A player can achieve this by sending certain characters depending on the type of adventure.

Brilliant city: Green or Yellow

The verdant forest: Blue or Purple

The Ferocious plains: Red or green

The Golden desert: Purple or Red

The Blue depths: Blue or Purple

The Violet valley: Green or Yellow

Great and huge successes grant a lot more rewards than just a regular success.


It is of two kinds, main story is based on shallot and his adventures whereas event story is a set of limited time events that grant many rewards.


You can equip Goku’s hermit Gi or Vegeta’s battle suit to Shallot. But I think he looks good in his original costume.


This is where you can buy chrono crystals and you can exchange various items at the cost of rare medals(obtained when you clear all challenges in a particular story).


You can summon characters in the game using the obtained chrono crystals. There can be many summon events featuring different new characters in different events.

There are three types of character rarity in the game,

Sparking rarity: The player has 5% chance of obtaining a sparking rarity character in a summon. The stats are much higher than the other two rarities.

Extreme rarity: The player has 20% chance of obtaining an extreme rarity character. This rarity stands in between sparking and hero rarity.

Hero rarity: The play has 75% chance of obtaining a hero rarity character. Their stats are much lower than that of sparking rarity.

You can limit break a character by obtaining Z powers of that particular character to increase the power level.

There are two types of summon, single or consecutive summon.

Usually the first single summon per day can be done with 20 chrono crystals(which I recommend you to do). From the next summon, you’ll be charged 100 chrono crystals. A consecutive summon requires 1000 chrono crystals and it grants you 10 characters.

Soul boost:

You can soul boost your character once it has reached the maximum level by using items called as rising souls and super souls. There are 6 types of rising souls. They are red, yellow, purple, green, and blue. The rising souls are of 4 categories rising soul 1, 2, 3 and 4. There are 3 types of super souls namely 1, 2 and 3. You require these souls in particular quantities to soul boos a character.

These souls are obtained through story and rising souls can be obtained through adventures also. You can exchange rare medals for souls in the exchange shop.

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you enjoyed it.

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