Goku as the brand ambassador for Tokyo Olympics!

At the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics last year, Japan PM Sinzo Abe appeared in the dress of Super Mario. He was very keen to promote their culture by hosting the games in 2020.

Goku as the brand ambassador for Tokyo Olympics:

Goku as the brand ambassador for Olympics

They aim to grab the attention of youngsters by adding more animated characters such as Naruto, Shin Chan, Astroboy and some others as the ambassadors. Many people aren’t interested in the Olympics and don’t tune in to watch it. That’s the reason why the TOC decided to attract more viewers by including some of the most famous characters.

Three years remain before the next Olympics and Japan has been putting in much effort to promote the games in which athletes from all over the world will participate.

Recently Adidas introduced Dragon Ball Z shoes and on top of that Goku was also announced as one of the brand ambassadors of the Tokyo Olympics. As a Dragon Ball fan, I’m very happy to spread this news around.

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