Dragon Ball Z shoes by Adidas!

Hello everyone! Its been a while since Dragon Ball Z shoes were announced by Adidas. Adidas is a well known brand for  sports equipment. The Dragon Ball Z fans were overjoyed when the company announced that it would be launching its signature Adidas X shoes with the collaboration of Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z shoes:

This collection of footwear highlights Adidas’s newer models that are set to debut this year starting from August. Eight pairs of shoes which resemble a number of characters from the series have been revealed. They will begin to launch them from August and will continue till December.

There have been rumours that Tien Shinhan, Yajirobe, Mr.Popo and Mr.Satan model shoes might be released after these eight have been released. It was also revealed that each pair of shoes will come with an action figure of the corresponding character.

Frieza Saga

This one is based on Son Gokū called as Adidas ZX 500 RM. It consists of signature colours in Goku’s gi. It will be released in August of this year and many fans including me are waiting to get their hands on these set of gorgeous shoes. Just take a look at them!

Dragon Ball Z shoes Goku

The second pair is based on Frieza called as Adidas Yung 1. It is also set to be launched in August. It consists of Frieza’s attractive purple colour with white all over the shoe. These shoes also consist small shades of pink, which I personally don’t know why they added to this shoe. It is probably because previous forms of Frieza have pink on his body.

I wouldn’t say its bad but it would have been good if they maintained the originality here. Just purple and white is good enough to pique the interest of any buyer.

Dragon Ball Z shoes Frieza

The Androids and Cell Saga

The third pair is based on Son Gohan called as Adidas Deerupt. These set of shoes are very different from what we’ve seen earlier. The black shoe with a white sole is covered in a purple mesh like material and it looks awesome. It will be released in September and I guess there will be a huge demand for them all over the world.

Dragon Ball Z shoes Gohan

The fourth pair is based on Cell called as Adidas Prophere. These shoes come with a large white sole and the upper part of the shoe is green like green in the army. These are very good too and can’t wait for them to be available in the market. They will be released in September.

Dragon Ball Z shoes CellMajin Buu Saga

The fifth pair is based on the Prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta called as Adidas Oregon Ultra Tech. The shoe consists of blue and yellow separated by white with a black sole. It is also attractive and it boasts the look of Vegeta and the user would feel like he’s wearing a Saiyan armor. They will be realeased in November.

Dragon Ball Z shoes VegetaThe sixth pair is based on Majin Buu called as Adidas Kamanda. The shoe is light pink in colour with a black sole and blue laces. It literally feels like Adidas has made these shoes out of Buu’s skin. At the first glimpse I thought these were football shoes, but they can be used for daily purposes as well. They will be released in November.

Dragon Ball Z shoes BuuThe Dragon Balls

The seventh pair is based on Shenlong called as Adidas EQT ADV. People might think this pair resembles Piccolo, but it ain’t. As I said earlier, these are based on Shenlong. These are by far the best shoes I’ve ever seen.

The green, the orange, the white, everything on this shoe is as good as it gets. Take a look for yourself! I’ll make sure to get this one of these for sure as soon as it is available in the country. They will be released in December.

Dragon Ball Z shoes ShenlongThe eighth and the final pair is based on Super Shenlong called Adidas EQT ADV. These are similar to that of Shenlong’s, with the same design and all. But I think the previous pair of shoes are way better. For those who like black, gray and such darker colours, you might go for these. They will be released in December.

Dragon Ball Z shoes Super ShenlongHope you liked this article. I’ll be sure to get at least two pairs with the Shenlong pair being one of them. Dragon Ball Z diehard fans might try to acquire the lot of them but be sure to look at the prices first.

Thanks for reading. See you all again.

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