Dragon Ball Super episode 131 breakdown!

Hello everyone! In this post I’ll be talking about Dragon Ball Super episode 131, which is the final episode of this season. Goku, Frieza and Android 17 face off against Jiren in an ultimate showdown.

In the previous episode, Goku and Jiren fought head on. When Jiren was out of stamina, Goku takes a blow. Everyone thinks of Frieza at this point of time. We’ve been expecting Frieza to cheat Goku from when we found out he was going to participate in the tournament.

Goku hurt

But that didn’t happen. Instead, Goku faced serious consequences for playing with the power of Gods. His body couldn’t handle the excess power and collapsed.

Jiren then stands up, charges energy and attacks Goku. When Goku was about to be eliminated, Frieza saves him and Android 17 appears out of nowhere.

Dragon Ball Super episode 131:

Dragon Ball Super episode 131 is titled “The miraculous conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!!“. With the appearance of Frieza and Android 17, Universe 7 has 3 warriors left and a warrior for Universe 11.

Frieza and Android 17 face off against Jiren while Goku rests on a rock. The situation favours Universe 7 as it has more warriors and Jiren is exhausted after battling Goku. Frieza reveals that Jiren no longer has his full strength so he has nothing to worry about.

Jiren attacks both the warriors and he seems to be doing good against them. Frieza mocks Jiren by saying that Jiren is a weakling just like before and he’s going to lose. Jiren becomes furious and starts hitting Frieza.

Frieza then uses rocks to stop Jiren and Android 17 shields himself with Jiren inside and uses intense blasts. Jiren is badly damaged by the blast and it seems like Universe 7 has won it all.

Dragon Ball Super episode 131 Jiren hurt

Frieza then closes in and charges a death beam, but Toppo says he trusts Jiren even if he doesn’t believe in it.  Once again Jiren unleashes his hidden power to overwhelm the duo. Just then, Goku joins the battle but Jiren increases his power even more.

Frieza and Goku work together!!

Frieza reminds Goku how he promised to resurrect him once they win the tournament. Goku asks 17 to stand back while he and Frieza will take care of things. This is when the real battle starts. Goku and Frieza team up to defeat Jiren.

Goku and Frieza attack Jiren

Frieza, who despises the Saiyans is working with Goku to save the Universe. What a spectacular sight it is! Even though Goku and Frieza work together, Jiren isn’t going down so easily. The two warriors decide to take him down with them.

Goku, Frieza and Jiren fall off the arena

This means only 17 remains on the arena while Goku Frieza and Jiren return to the spectator seats. Universe 11 is erased and Goku says he hasn’t had enough and he wants to fight Jiren again.

The final wish!

As promised, the Grand Priest asks 17 for the wish. 17 thinks for a while, looks at his teammates and then wishes to restore all the destroyed Universes. All the Gods and the spectators are surprised by this wish.

The Super Dragon grants the wish and disappears. All the Universes are brought back to life and most of them are surprised that this happened. Toppo explais Jiren that he had answered all their hopes while battling Goku and he thinks a connection has formed between them for the first time.

Jiren hopes to win against Goku the next time he faces him. Freiza couldn’t stand the happy ending and wishes to go back to hell. But there is a surprise waiting for everyone, Whis comes up to Frieza and brings him back to life. His halo disappears and Frieza is alive.

Frieza is ressurected

Whis explais that Beerus wanted to do it as Frieza has done a very fine job in the end. Frieza says he doesn’t intend to stop his evil plans. The Grand Priest explains that if any selfish wish was made then Zeno would have erased everything at that instant.

Zeno knew that mortals would change given enough time. When the two Zeno’s ask Goku whats going to happen next, Beerus comes and shuts Goku up so he wouldn’t ask anything that would put the Universe in danger.

Beerus shuts Goku up

In the end, Goku and Vegeta are engaged in a friendly battle and Vegeta asks Goku what happened to his Ultra Instinct. Goku explains that he was pushed to the edge by Jiren, that is when he unlocked the ability by accident. Vegeta swears that he’ll achieve an even greater power!

Goku and Vegeta face off

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