Dragon Ball Super final episode spoilers!

Hello everyone! Today’s episode was undoubtedly the best of Dragon Ball Super. In this post I’ll be talking about Dragon Ball Super final episode spoilers. Yes, its true. Dragon Ball Super will be airing its last episode on 25th of this month, that is episode 131.

In today’s episode, Goku and Jiren fought head on and finally when Jiren was out of stamina, Goku, who has been manipulating the limit breaking power of the Gods had to face serious consequences. His body couldn’t take the excess power and collapsed. Jiren then stands up, charges energy and attacks Goku.

We could see Goku falling down from the arena, suddenly a blast hits Goku and he falls on a small part of the arena. Frieza saved Goku from falling off and Android 17 also appears. This is the end of episode 130.

Dragon Ball Super final episode preview:

Dragon Ball Super episode 131 is titled “The miraculous conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!!“. With the appearance of Frieza and Android 17, Universe 7 has 3 warriors left and a warrior for Universe 11.

Universe 7’s ace warrior Android 17 and Frieza have to hold Jiren for a couple of moments while Goku recovers a bit. Jiren also has no stamina left to take down three warriors at once.
Dragon Ball Super final episode Android 17 and Frieza
Even though Jiren has no stamina left, he does not back down and will do anything to save his Universe and to obtain the Super Dragon Balls. Probably Goku will not be knocked out in this episode and there’s s surprise for us in the final episode.

I’m still trying to figure out why Jiren desperately attacked Universe 7 spectators. Will Jiren face any action for his choice to attack the spectators?

Jiren Goku

I could get only a little information from the preview, but I definitely know that it will be awesome and none of the fans will be disappointed. What will our heroes do to protect the Universe?

The following things can happen in the next episode:

  • As Universe 7 has more warriors, it will be declared as the winner and none of the remaining Universes will be erased.
  • Jiren will knock out Android 17 and Frieza and each Universe has one warrior each, it will end up a draw.
  • Jiren will knock out all the three and will be declared the winner.
  • Zeno is more than satisfied with the tournament and decides not to erase any Universe, instead he’ll use the Super Dragon Balls to revive all the erased Universes.

We all know that Zeno erased most of the Universes as there was no improvement in them for a long time. After watching Goku cross his limits on more than a few occasions, he might come to know that he has done a mistake by destroying all those Universes. He might find out that even those Universes will show improvement given enough time.  He might even revive the 6 Universes which he previously erased as his mood wasn’t right.

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you enjoyed it.

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