Dragon Ball Super episode 130!

Hello everyone! Dragon Ball Super episode 130 aired today and it was the best one till now. The episode stood up to its hype and all the fans must have been very happy to see this. In the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super, Goku achieved his mastered Ultra Instinct against Jiren.

In episode 130, Goku fought Jiren with all the energy he had in him. But, Jiren isn’t one of the types that stood back in this brawl, he too increased his power to match Goku.

Dragon Ball Super episode 130:

Dragon Ball Super episode 130 is titled “The Greatest Showdown of all Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!“. Goku and Jiren fight for the survival of their Universe. Neither Goku nor Jiren is ready to lose this battle. Jiren unleashes some more power and charges energy at him, but Goku nullifies it with just a small blast.

Jiren is shocked to see how much power Goku has acquired in this fight. As the fight continues, Goku overwhelms Jiren and at this point I thought that Goku can’t be defeated. Goku lands punch after punch and Jiren is helpless as his attacks won’t do any damage.

A few moments later, Jiren remembers his past trauma caused by the man who killed his family and powers up even more. Jiren’s uniform is all torn due too the dramatic increase in muscles as well as his energy.

Dragon Ball Super episode 130 Jiren

Even though Jiren has powered up, he continues to struggle against Goku. Goku is seemingly calm against the powerful opponent. At this point of time, I thought Goku could never be defeated by Jiren. But, as he struggles, he knocks down Goku and charges a blast which is dodged by Goku eventually.

Jiren starts to charge blasts wildly and Goku counters it with a Kamehameha. It seems like Kamehameha was not strong enough against Jiren’s blast. Goku is hit by that energy and the arena is covered with smoke. Jiren assumes that the match is over, but Goku emerges from the smoke to attack Jiren.

Goku vs Jiren: Battle to the end!

Jiren is surprised that Goku has so much power left even after a fierce blow from him. Even at this point I thought that Goku still has an upper hand, but suddenly the momentum shifts towards Jiren and Goku is seen struggling. Jiren’s attack makes contact and Goku is down.

So many friends trust him and their lives depend on this battle, Goku stands up even after receiving a heavy blow. Jiren couldn’t believe this as Goku shouldn’t have any stamina left after the blow. Goku stands up and his power and speed are increased even more.

The battle continues and Goku has the upper hand this time. Jiren is knocked down and he appears to be cornered. Yet, he stands up again and launches a blast at Universe 7 spectators in order to erase them. Goku deflects the blast and saves his friends, not that Beerus and Whis wouldn’t do anything to stop the blast.

Goku is enraged by this action of Jiren, who tried to hurt his friends and punches Jiren on his face with all his might and unleashes his Kamehameha. Jiren is down and seems like Goku has won the match.

Goku is down!

But, Goku has been playing with limit breaking power of the Gods for a while now. This had taken effect and Goku returns to his normal form just like what happens when he uses Kaioken.

Dragon Ball Super episode 130 Goku is down

Goku is down for the count but Jiren doesn’t want to defeat Goku in this condition. But, Jiren decides to knock out Goku from the arena and when Goku is falling, Frieza pushes Goku back on the arena and Android 17 appears.

Dragon Ball Super episode 130 Android 17 and Frieza

Just as I predicted earlier, Android 17 is STILL ALIVE. It is up to Frieza and Android 17 to stand up against Jiren while Goku is in that condition for a while. This marks the end of Dragon Ball Super episode 130. Stay tuned for more spoilers!

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