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Dragon Ball Super episode 131:March 25th

Dragon Ball Super episode 131 is titled “A miraculous conclusion! Goku, Until the Day We Meet Again!!“. It will be the last episode of this series. Either Universe 7 will win the tournament and the remaining Universes will not be erased. Or, it could be a draw as both the Universes have the same number of warriors left on the arena and both the Universes will be saved.

Spoilers suggest that Goku will be knocked out of the arena despite mastering the Ultra Instinct. Goku and Jiren look at Zeno to find out the fate of both the Universes. Suddenly, Jiren is hit by a blast.

Any guesses on who that might be? Of course it is Frieza! Only Frieza and Jiren remain on the arena.

Dragon Ball Super Frieza unconscious

More details:

Even Goku, who achieved a feat even a God of Destruction cannot master could not defeat Jiren. Frieza was not seen in some of the previous episodes, everyone thought he might have been passed out and won’t appear again. But he surprised everyone by standing up with only a few seconds left in the tournament.

Previously, Frieza underestimated the God of Destruction turned Toppo and got injured very seriously. He even lost his Golden form. But then again, he attacked Jiren and couldn’t even touch him. This was very surprising as we all thought that Frieza was stronger than Goku and it turns out that Frieza couldn’t even get closer Jiren.

There are several rumours that Frieza is avoiding Jiren for a reason. As Goku is out of the tournament, Frieza has no option left but to challenge Jiren. Frieza was severely injured but I think he managed to recover enough stamina as Goku was busy fighting Jiren.

We are not sure if Jiren has the slightest clue that Frieza is still on the arena and has recovered enough stamina to defend against him for a very little time. Even Goku, who achieved a new form could not win against Jiren, can Frieza stay on the arena until the time is up?

Will Jiren knock out Frieza with a second or two left?

What’s going to happen to Universe 7?

Who’s going to acquire the Super Dragon Balls and who’s wish will be granted?

Who will be the MVP of the tournament? Stay tuned for more!

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