Dragon Ball Super final spoilers!

Hello everyone! In this article I’ll be talking about the Dragon Ball Super final spoilers and leaks. Dragon Ball Super episode airing on March 25th will be the last episode of this season. The Dragon Ball Super series will be bidding the fans goodbye for a while after the final episode.

Dragon Ball Super episode 130 spoilers:March 18th

Dragon Ball Super episode 130 is titled “The Greatest Showdown of all Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!”. Looks like the fight between Goku and Jiren will continue in this episode also. Goku masters the Ultra Instinct and will continue to engage in a brawl with Jiren.

Dragon Ball Super final spoilers Goku UI

There’s no telling on who’s going to win the battle yet, but Goku seems calm and Jiren on the other hand is all worked up and looks worried.

Dragon ball super final spoilers Jiren

It’s not like what it seems to be. Jiren starts to increase his strength even more and fires a blast at point blank range. Goku is blown away due to the intense blast. Krillin and Master Roshi are worried about Goku. What will happen next?

Dragon Ball Super final spoilers of episode 131:March 25th

Dragon Ball Super episode 131 is titled “A miraculous conclusion! Goku, Until the Day We Meet Again!!“. It will be the last episode of this series. Either Universe 7 will win the tournament and none of the remaining Universes will be erased. Or, it could be a draw as no one falls of the arena and both the Universes will be saved.

Spoilers suggest that Goku will be knocked out of the arena despite mastering the Ultra Instinct. Goku and Jiren look at Zeno to find out what will happen next. Just then, a death beam strikes Jiren. A Universe 7 member is still standing on the arena!

Any guesses on who that might be? Of course it is Frieza! Only Frieza and Jiren remain on the battle field and the Tournament of Power is almost over.


Will Jiren knock out Frieza with a second or two left?

What’s going to happen to Universe 7?

Who’s going to acquire the Super Dragon Balls and who’s wish will be granted? Stay tuned for more!

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