Dragon Ball Super episode 129 and spoilers!

Hello everyone! In this article I’ll be talking about Dragon Ball Super episode 129. Now, Goku and Jiren battle with everything they’ve got in order to avoid being erased by the King of all, Zeno.

In the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super, Jiren continuously attacked Goku and beats him within an inch of his life. Goku is at the edge of the arena, a punch away from falling off. When Jiren is about to hit Goku, he dodges the attack and lands a heavy blow on him. Jiren, the emotionless being, deserved this. Jiren starts attacking Goku but fails to do any kind of damage.

Dragon Ball Super episode 129:

Dragon Ball Super episode 129 is titled “Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!“. Goku and Jiren are engaged in a brawl like no one has ever seen before. Even though Goku has achieved the Ultra Instinct, it has become difficult for him to dodge attacks from Jiren.

Just then, Jiren lands a punch on Goku, it is so intense that even at his full power, Goku is seen struggling a lot. No one could predict the outcomes of this match. Seems like Jiren has a slight upper hand in this battle. Goku’s attacks are weak just like when he fought Kefla.

Due to the intense battle, the arena starts to fall apart even more and it has become difficult for the warriors to fight as there is only a little flat surface. Not one of the Gods want to miss the fight, they all stand up to see the epic battle between Goku and Jiren. Broken arena Jiren looks a bit exhausted and out of breath due to the continuous battle. This is when he raises his ki even more to hit Goku with a fully powered up punch. Goku doesn’t want to waste time and starts charging up for Kamehameha and launches it from a close range, Jiren avoids it by charging Ki of his own.

Goku closes his eyes and leaves everything to his Instinct. It seems like he forgot everything except his fight with one of the strongest warrior in all the Universes. Even we couldn’t close our eyes for a second there. The battle between two of the strongest warriors in the tournament, what a feeling it is!

Ultra Instinct Mastered!

Jiren starts to unleash ki bombs and Goku starts dodging them, the arena below Goku starts to become dust and soon he will run out of solid material, if this happens Goku will be knocked out and Jiren wins it all. Goku’s had enough with this and starts rising his power even more.

In response to that, Jiren rises his power to match up with Goku and the heat is so wild that most of the Gods fear that they might be destroyed in the brawl between Goku and Jiren. We’ve all been waiting for this moment for a very long time and it happened as we expected, no, it was even better than what we expected it to be. Dragon Ball Super episode 129 UI mastered Goku Goku’s hair turns silver and he masters the Ultra Instinct. I’m not sure if this is the Limit Breaker form of, but is it way better than what I expected it to be. Maybe Goku will achieve a new form after the Tournament of Power after all. Who knows right? Anything is possible!

As we see the epic battle, Jiren charges all his energy into a tiny sphere and launches it on Goku, all the energy suddenly disappears and Goku appears behind Jiren holding his energy ball. Not even one of the Gods want to miss the fight, they all stand up to see the epic battle between Goku and Jiren.

Goku then attacks Jiren multiple times in an instant, and it looks like Goku has more than enough power to defeat at this point of time. Seems like Goku is toying with Jiren and while doing so, the glow surrounding him clears to reveal his silver hair and eyes.

Dragon Ball Super episode 130 preview:March 18th

Dragon Ball Super episode 130 is titled “The Greatest Showdown of all Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!“. Looks like the fight between Goku and Jiren will continue in this episode also. Goku masters the Ultra Instinct and will continue to engage in a brawl with Jiren. There’s no telling on who’s going to win the battle yet, but Goku seems calm and Jiren on the other hand is all worked up and looks worried. Goku attacking Jiren

Dragon Ball Super episode 131 spoilers:March 25th

Dragon Ball Super episode 131 is titled “A miraculous conclusion! Goku, Until the Day We Meet Again!!“. It will be the last episode of this series. Either Universe 7 will win the tournament and none of the remaining Universes will be erased. Or, it could be a draw as no one falls of the arena and both the Universes will be saved. Secondly, spoilers suggest that Frieza is still on the arena covered by rocks and is unable to battle which is equal to a knockout.

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