Dragon Ball Super Frieza hiding power?

Hello everyone! In this post I’ll be talking about Frieza. Frieza is undoubtably one of the strongest warriors in the Tournament of Power. No one was really able to match him except for Dyspo, Toppo and Jiren. But he was able to eliminate Dyspo with the help of Gohan, who sacrificed himself. Vegeta achieved a new form and defeated Toppo without involving the others.

Now, only three warriors remain on the broken battle arena, Goku, Frieza and Jiren. However, there are some speculations that Android 17 is still alive and is on the arena. Lets have a short recap on the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super, that is 129.

Dragon Ball Super episode 129 is titled “Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!“. In this episode, Goku and Jiren will fight each other to decide the winning Universe in the Tournament of Power. Jiren then smiles at Goku and throws a punch at him. What’s going to happen?

Without any further delay, lets get to the main topic. As I was saying, Frieza was badly beaten by Toppo twice and he couldn’t even touch Jiren. Well, what’s going on here?

Angry Frieza

As I was talking earlier, no other villain in Dragon Ball got such characterisation like Frieza. Frieza was brought back a couple of times in Dragon Ball Z and in Dragon Ball Super. When everyone thought he was killed by Goku on planet Namek, King Cold found him barely alive. He received cybernetic modifications to become mecha Frieza. He thought he could kill even a Super Saiyan, but ended up being killed by Trunks.

In Dragon Ball Super, Sorbet and Tagoma of his army revived him by using the Earth’s Dragon Balls. He was eventually defeated by Goku and Frieza was yet again killed. We thought this was the last time we’re going to see him again in this series. But Goku himself asked for his help to win the Tournament of Power by accepting to revive him if they win it.

When he arrived on Earth, assassins hired by Universe 9 try to eliminate him before he could enter the tournament. One of the assassins uses the destruction energy on him given by Sidra, God of Destruction of Universe 9. But, he manages to control it with a little difficulty.

Frieza controls Sidra's energy of destruction

He even launches the destruction energy on Goku, but Goku fails to get it under control which is later blown away by Beerus. At that point of time, we realised that Frieza surpassed Goku.

Frieza hiding his power?

We already know that Frieza wants to avoid confronting with Jiren and he wants Goku to take care of Jiren for him. We don’t exactly know the reason for this, but Frieza is definitely not a weakling. In Dragon Ball Super episode 125, he mocks Toppo by saying trash belongs in a trash bin and underestimates Toppo and he even loses his Golden form. Nobody could have thought that Toppo could overwhelm Frieza by this much.

Then again, when Frieza charged to attack Jiren, he couldn’t even get close to him. Why is this happening? Why does Frieza want to avoid a brawl with Jiren? There are a lot of unanswered questions.

Frieza tries to punch Jiren

If Frieza was at least on par with Goku’s powers, he could at least punch him or even touch him. But he didn’t even get close to Jiren. Is he hiding his power to be the last man standing on the arena after Goku and Jiren beat each other to win the Super Dragon Balls? Or is there going to be a controversial finale?

Ive already speculated that he is planning to join hands with Jiren, but Goku is set to master Ultra Instinct in the next episode. Will he still betray Goku as he utterly loathes all the Saiyans? No one knows for sure!

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you enjoyed it.

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