Dragon Ball Super leaks and spoilers!

Hello everyone! In this post you’ll be reading about Dragon Ball Super leaks. Episode 131 will be the last episode of Dragon Ball Super and it will mark the end of the Tournament of Power arc.

But before we get to that, read about this week’s release, that is episode 129.

Dragon Ball Super episode 129:March 4th

Dragon Ball Super episode 129 is titled “Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!“. After Vegeta is knocked out of the arena, Goku is helpless against the mighty Jiren. Goku was seen surpassing his limits many times in the tournament. But this time it’s a do or die situation for Goku.

Dragon Ball Super leaks UI Goku

In this episode, Goku and Jiren will fight each other with all their might to decide the winning Universe in the Tournament of Power. Goku was thrashed in the previous episode and when he was about to get knocked out, he unlocks the Ultra Instinct. He’s not just going to achieve it, but he’ll be mastering it this time. This means he can use it whenever he wants to.

Jiren then smiles at Goku, who’s power has been increasing every second while fighting, and attacks Goku. What will happen next?

A picture with episode 129 summary was released earlier and it said Goku, Frieza and Android 17 vs Jiren.

Dragon Ball Super leaks

This might be wrong, but I think that Android 17 survived the blast and will be the reason for Universe 7’s survival. On the other hand, the description in the above photo might be wrong.

Dragon Ball Super leaks, episode 130 spoilers:March 18th

Dragon Ball Super episode 130 is titled “The One and Only Super-Decisive Battle!“. Looks like the fight between Goku and Jiren will continue in this episode also. Goku masters the Ultra Instinct and will continue to engage in a brawl with Jiren. There’s no telling on who’s going to win the battle yet.

Goku vs Jiren standoff

Dragon Ball Super leaks, episode 131:March 25th

Dragon Ball Super episode 131 is titled “Goku, Until the Day We Meet Again“. It will be the last episode of this series. Either Universe 7 will win the tournament and none of the remaining Universes will be erased. Or, it could be a draw as no one falls of the arena and both the Universes will be saved.

Jiren vs Goku standoff

We have no information about Frieza, but what we know is he is going to play a very important role in the survival of any one Universe. He might betray Goku by joining hands with Jiren or he might be the cause for the win of Universe 7.

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