Dragon Ball Super Zeno being controlled?

Hello everyone! I have a new theory about Dragon Ball Super Zeno and Grand Priest. And it might be possible that most of you haven’t noticed this while watching the anime.


Zeno, the Omni-Kingis the king of all Universes. He stands above all the Gods and controls everything.

Dragon Ball Super Zeno

At some point of time, Zeno destroyed 6 of the existing 18 Universes because his mood wasn’t right. The true capabilities of Zeno are unknown. Beerus states that he does not fight but possesses a power far beyond anyone’s grasp. Champa also stated that Zeno is a God among Gods.

His power is so great that his presence would terrify all other Deities and cause them to bow before him out of fear and respect. If anyone manages to anger Zeno, he could erase them at that instant. According to Whis, nobody in this world is greater than Zeno. He has the power to wipe out Planets, Galaxies, and Universes without breaking a sweat.

He can even erase people like Zamasu, who have been granted the wish of immortality from the Super Dragon. Zeno is the single most important person in existence. Zeno wanted to erase some of the Universes as there was no improvement in them for a long time.

When Goku asked him to organise a tournament, Zeno thought that this would be a good opportunity to erase the Universes which have lost in the tournament. While watching the Tournament of Power, I noticed something unusual going on with Zeno and Grand Priest.

Dragon Ball Super Zeno being controlled by the Grand Priest?

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