Dragon Ball Super episode 128 and spoilers!

Hello readers! In this post I’ll be talking about Dragon Ball Super episode 128. Android 17 sacrificed himself to save Goku and Vegeta in the previous episode. Goku and Vegeta cling on to the arena and are yet to challenge Jiren.

Ive got to admit it, I’ve never seen Goku and Vegeta so helpless against any enemy like this before. In this battle, Jiren crushed his opponents with pure overwhelming power.

Dragon Ball Super episode 128:

Dragon Ball Super episode 128 is titled “Prideful till the end! Vegeta falls!!“. After recovering some stamina, Vegeta stands up to challenge Jiren. He can’t even go Super Saiyan with his remaining stamina but attacks Jiren. Jiren doesn’t stop hitting him, Vegeta’s body was shattering with those punches.

It was very difficult for me to watch this episode. It started a bit slow, Vegeta stood up even after those attacks from Jiren. When Jiren lands a punch on his face, Vegeta almost falls from the stage, but looks like someone caught him while falling off the arena. It isn’t what it looks like, Vegeta’s boot was caught on a rock and Vegeta survives.

Dragon ball Super episode 128 Jiren vs Vegeta

Goku watches Vegeta beaten badly as Vegeta remembers what he’s fighting for. He remembers his family and again the promise he made to Cabba. Vegeta uses his Final Flash a couple of times but barely scratches Jiren. The last time I saw Vegeta cry was when he was dying after fighting with Frieza. Jiren lands a punch and Vegeta goes flying out of the arena.

Vegeta cries while falling

While falling off the arena, Vegeta shares some of his energy with Goku. Goku is fired up after watching Vegeta try his best to defeat his opponent. Vegeta truly had his pride until the end. He returns to the spectator seats where he’s given a senzu bean and he recovers his full strength.

Goku vs Jiren:

Goku vs Jiren

With the power given by Vegeta, Goku goes blue and attacks Jiren with everything he’s got. Jiren hits Goku so hard, he even loses his blue form. But, Goku doesn’t give up on his friends. Everyone trusted him until the end so they can win the tournament and return home.

Jiren attacking Goku

But the fight isn’t over yet. Jiren continuously attacks Goku and beats him within an inch of his life. Goku is at the edge of the arena, a punch away from falling off. Just then, Vegeta shouts his name and Goku remembers his team, especially Vegeta. When Jiren is about to punch Goku, he dodges the attack. Yes, it happened for the third time. Goku achieved the Ultra Instinct yet again!

Goku punches Jiren and it is a very heavy blow indeed. Jiren, the emotionless being, deserved this from Goku.

Goku punches Jiren in the gut

The tournament ends in two minutes. It is Goku vs Jiren in an ultimate final battle. We couldn’t see Frieza in this episode, but he sure is on the arena. Lets hope he doesn’t turn his back on Goku this time.

Dragon Ball Super episode 129: March 4th

Dragon Ball Super episode 129 is titled “Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!“. After Vegeta is knocked out of the arena, Goku is helpless against the mighty Jiren. Goku was seen surpassing his limits many times in the tournament. But this time it’s a do or die situation for Goku.

Goku masters the ultra instinct

So, he’s going to achieve the Ultra Instinct for the third and final time in the tournament. He’s not just going to achieve it but he’ll be mastering this time. This means he can use it whenever he wants to.

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