Dragon Ball Super: Super Dragon Balls

Hello everyone! In this article I’m going to talk about the Super Dragon Balls. All the warriors participating in The Tournament of Power have a wish they want to be granted. For making their wishes come true, they require the Super Dragon Balls. While everyone has a certain wish they want to be granted, the Super Dragon grants only one wish. Who’s wish will be granted?

Super Dragon Balls:

Super Dragon Balls

The Super Dragon Balls are the original Dragon Balls created by Zalama in year 41 of the Divine Calendar. These Dragon Balls are the size of planets and their star marks remain the same from every angle. To summon the Dragon of the Gods, one must chant, Come forth, Dragon of the Gods, and grant my wish pretty peas! in the language of the Gods.

Super Dragon

The Super Dragon can grant any one wish. After the wish is granted, the Dragon Balls are scattered across Universe 6 and Universe 7. The Super Dragon Balls remain inactive for a period of one year before granting another wish.

A few questions arise when it comes to these Dragon Balls!

  • Where are the Dragon Balls now?
  • With Universe 6 erased, were some of the Dragon Balls destroyed as well?
  • Did Zeno and Grand Priest gather the Dragon Balls before the start of the tournament?
  • Universe 6 has been erased, where will the Dragon Balls be scattered after a wish is granted?
  • Does the Super Dragon process power to grant a wish to be more powerful than Zeno?

Who’s wish will be granted?

A lot of people have a wish to be granted! Who will get the chance to wish?

1. Vegeta promised Cabba that he will revive Universe 6 when he wins the tournament.

2. Will Goku try wish back all the destroyed Universes?

Goku was involved in a controversy when people thought that he should have done something to stop the erasure of other Universes. Goku also received negative feedback for his characterisation in Dragon Ball Super for constant desire to fight strong enemies, including the God of Destruction. This resulted in a story where most of the Universes would be destroyed.

Some believe Goku is determined to protect his Universe, the fact that he does not care about other loser Universes being destroyed also received negative response. But then, Goku isn’t that powerful to stand against the King of All, Zeno. It’s not fair enough to expect Goku to stop anything and everything in the series.

3. Jiren wants one of his wish to be granted by the Super Dragon. It looked like Android 17 knew what Jiren’s wish was. But before he could reveal it to the world, he self-destructed to save the remaining members of his team.

4. Frieza has a wish to control the Gods.

5. But I personally think that Goku should use the Super Dragon Balls to revive Android 17 because he sacrificed himself to protect his Universe. Android 17 was revived using the Earth’s Dragon Balls once before. So, the only possible way to bring him back to life is by using the Super Dragon Balls.(If he’s dead)

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