Dragon Ball Super Android 17 dead?

Hello everyone. In this article I’ll be talking about Android 17. Android 17 returned in Dragon Ball Super working as a national park ranger preserving wildlife from poachers. He is married and has a child and also adopted two more children. He is shown as one of the strongest warriors in team Universe 7.

Android 17

Dragon Ball Super Android 17:

In episode 127, when Goku, Vegeta and Frieza depleted their energies, Android 17 challenged Jiren. During the battle, 17 sneaks up on Jiren and causes some damage to his back. He helped Goku to find Jiren’s weakness about how he could be damaged when he is off guard with an energy blast.

17 shields Goku and Vegeta and self-destructs to nullify Jiren’s attack. Grand priest says that Android 17 is killed. Goku and Vegeta are saved from the massive attack and fall on a small platform.

It also looked like Android 17 knew what Jiren’s wish was. But before he could reveal it to the world, he self-destructed to save the remaining members of his team.

Android 17 self-destructing

Vegeta realises that 17 had no desire to win the tournament and stands up to take on Jiren.

Is Android 17 really dead?

We don’t know for sure if 17 is dead. Even though the Grand Priest confirmed that 17 is dead, its a bit difficult to accept the fact that such a strong warrior like 17 could be killed.

When Goku went to recruit him as a member to represent team Universe 7, they had a little brawl to test themselves. Goku had to transform into his Blue form to match with 17’s strength.

Another point to be considered is, when Goku used the spirit bomb on Jiren and it exploded, Grand Priest announced that Goku has vanquished himself. So, no penalty will be issued on Jiren. Just then, Goku stood up with his new technique, the Ultra Instinct.

Similarly, when Android 17 shielded the Saiyans and vanished, the Grand Priest suggested that Android 17 has killed himself and no penalty for Jiren. What I’m saying is, the Grand Priest might be wrong in assuming that 17 is dead. 17’s energy also cannot be detected as he is an android.

He might show up with only half a minute left and if Goku is still standing, Universe 7 will be declared the winner of the Tournament of Power. Or, if Goku is knocked out and when they are about to announce the winner, they might find out that 17 is still alive and it might end up as a draw.

This way, Jiren will not be defeated and at the same time Universe 7 will not lose the tournament. Both the Universes will be spared and they might hold another tournament in the near future.

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