Dragon Ball Super Jiren’s wish!

Hello readers! Dragon Ball Super episode 127 aired yesterday and it was a black day for Universe 7. Team Universe 7 lost its beloved fighter, Android 17 while trying to save Goku and Vegeta from Jiren’s blast. However, it was revealed that Jiren wants a wish to be fulfilled. What could Jiren’s wish be?

Before we get to the main topic, lets talk about Jiren’s past.

Jiren’s childhood!

Jiren's childhood and Jiren's wish

When Jiren was just a kid, his parents were killed by some evil doer. Jiren was saved by someone who would become his teacher. They gathered a few warriors to go against the evil doer but ended up losing most of their companions. Jiren’s teacher was also killed in this fight. The remaining warriors left Jiren as they thought the evil doer couldn’t be defeated and so, they obeyed the enemy.

Jiren shouting when his master was killed and Jiren's wish

Abandoned by those he trusted, Jiren’s grief was immeasurable. That’s when he realised that trust was worthless. Jiren realised that strength was absolute and justice. He thought winning would gain him more companions.

Jiren's wish

Android 17 revealed that Jiren was using the rest of the Pride Troopers for his own needs and that he was obsessed with his past. It also looked like Android 17 knew what Jiren’s wish was. But before he could reveal it to the world, he self-destructed to save the remaining members of his team.

What could Jiren’s wish be?

Jiren is said to be a warrior even a God of Destruction cannot defeat. But he wasn’t always this powerful. Jiren achieved this incredible strength when he cast aside emotions and trust towards other people.

He thought being strong would gain him more companions who would fight by his side to protect Universe 11. Belmod was silenced by Jiren when he was about to reveal more information about Jiren’s wish.

We don’t know if the evil doer was killed by Jiren or was he killed at all?

This is enough to speculate a few things about Jiren’s wish from the Super Dragon Balls. Some of them are as follows…

  • Jiren wants to gain even more strength to defeat the evil doer(If he’s still alive).
  • He wants to revive his teacher and the other companions who were killed by the evil doer.
  • To revive his people who were killed when he was just a kid.
  • He wants to revive the evil doer to get his revenge again(If the evil doer is dead and not in the hands of Jiren).
  • To revive the Universes which were erased by Zeno(Most unlikely).
  • To control all the Gods as it isn’t justice to erase most of the Universes based on the mortal levels.

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you liked it.

What do you think Jiren’s wish could be?

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