Dragon Ball Super: Jiren to show his true nature?

Hello everyone! Dragon Ball Super episode 126 aired yesterday and it was very good. One more thing that needs attention in the previous episode is Jiren’s personality and attitude. Jiren’s character and personality are unknown. No one knows who he is, how he achieved the immense power and where he came from. All we know is that he has been toying with Goku and Vegeta till now.

Dragon Ball Super Jiren:

Jiren is said to be the strongest warrior in the Tournament of Power. He is known as the only mortal even a God of Destruction cannot defeat. He is said to have rejected the post of God of Destruction in his Universe, hence toppo got selected.

We already know that he needs the Super Dragon Balls to fulfil a wish. When Vegeta said he needs them to keep his promise to Cabba, he got fired up and attacked Vegeta. There are a few rumours that he used the Super Dragon Balls once before to achieve the incredible power.

Even after being targeted by Goku and Vegeta for the past few minutes, he is yet to reveal his real personality and motivations behind participating in the tournament. In the recent episode of Dragon Ball Super, Toppo was eliminated and Jiren is the last standing warrior for Universe 11 and he might be showing his true colours.

Is he really a true warrior of justice?

When Dyspo helps his friend Toppo to stand after being knocked out by Vegeta, Jiren responds by saying “How pathetic. I expected more from you”. Dyspo was also shocked to hear Jiren saying this, but it was like Toppo knew how Jiren was going to react. A lot of questions arise from this incident…

Does Toppo know the true nature and the real intentions of Jiren?

Why was Dyspo shocked but not Toppo when Jiren said such thing about Toppo?

Jiren talking to Toppo

Why does Jiren require the Super Dragon Balls when he’s already got everything he needs?

What did Jiren cast aside to gain that power?

Does he intend to control the Gods just like Frieza?

Maybe the reason why Frieza was included in team Universe 7 is because he can team up with Jiren to control the Gods after winning the tournament. We don’t know for sure!

He congratulates Goku and Vegeta for becoming a lot stronger without casting anything aside. He even asks them to feast their eyes by watching him unleash his real power.

Jiren has been slowly revealing himself to be an overconfident warrior. He started to meditate during the tournament. It seems that he’s been holding back because he didn’t need to spend unnecessary power on unworthy opponents.

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