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Hello readers! In this article I’m going to talk about Dragon Ball Super Toppo. Episode 125 aired recently and we saw Toppo with his new God of Destruction powers. Golden Frieza, who previously controlled the same energy from an assassin who received it from Sidra, was overwhelmed and forced back into his fourth form. He was almost eliminated if it wasn’t for Android 17 who threw a rock to save him.

Dragon Ball Super Toppo charging to attack Frieza

In the next episode of Dragon Ball Super we are going to witness the epic battle between Toppo, Vegeta and Android 17.

Dragon Ball Super episode 126 is titled “Surpass even a God! Vegeta’s desperate blow”. Newly powered up God of Destruction Toppo decides to help out Jiren as it is 2 against 1 fight. Vegeta attacks Toppo as Goku takes on Jiren alone. We could see Toppo overpowered against Android 17.  Seems like Vegeta is going to take a heavy beating from Toppo. But then, Vegeta unleashes his full power and risks everything to defeat Toppo.

Dragon Ball Super Toppo:

Dragon Ball Super Toppo

Toppo was trained to be the next God of Destruction of Universe 11. That’s the reason why we saw him with Universe 11 Gods at the ZEN Exhibition match.

Toppo is the leader of the Pride Troopers who fight for Justice in Universe 11. Toppo admits that he is not the strongest in Universe 11 and that his friend Jiren holds that title. Toppo’s new strength proved enough for Vegeta to stop fighting Jiren to face him. Even though Vegeta achieved a new form, Toppo had the edge over him, forcing Vegeta to take desperate measures with a life risking attack.

Dragon Ball Super Jiren's reaction

Jiren is against any destruction in his Universe. From his reaction its clear that even he doesn’t like the Destruction powers of Toppo.

I personally think it’s not fair for a God of Destruction to participate in the Tournament of Power. If Toppo could participate, why not Beerus? Zeno allows anything in the tournament which entertains him. We haven’t seen the reactions of Grand Priest regarding the Destruction powers of Toppo.

Dragon Ball Super Toppo's Justice Flash attack

Based on the next episode’s title, we could speculate that Vegeta might surpass Toppo to achieve even higher powers.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more spoilers!

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