Dragon Ball Super episode 125 leaked photo and spoilers!

Dragon Ball Super episode 125 leaked photo:

Episode 125 is titled “With imposing presence! God of Destruction Toppo descends!!”. Android 17 uses his infinite stamina to take down Toppo. As Toppo is pushed to the edge of the arena, his Pride Troopers custom made uniform is torn into pieces. Toppo considers the uniform as his pride, then he unleashes his God of Destruction like power. Dragon Ball Super episode 125 leaked photo shows Toppo with his new powers.

“It looked as if Toppo had been defeated by the combined assault of No.17 and the rest of Universe 7! However, right as he prepares for the worst, something strange starts happening to Toppo’s body?!”

Dragon Ball Super episode 125 leaked photo

In this image, Toppo really does looks like a God of Destruction. The colour of the sky changes as the time left in the tournament reduces. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Toppo has the power of a God of Destruction. We could also say that Toppo has increased his energy and reached the level of a God of Destruction. However, Toppo is now a serious threat to the Universe 7 warriors.

Spoilers suggest that Android 17 uses some kind of rocks to attack or distract Toppo while Frieza uses his psychic powers to move those rocks. Even though our warriors try their best, they fail to defeat Toppo.


The time until the tournament ends is 6 minutes. Android 17 and Frieza are up against Toppo while Goku and Vegeta take on Jiren.

Dragon Ball Super episode 126 spoilers:

Episode 126 is titled “Surpassing even the Gods! Vegeta’s life threatening move!!”. Newly powered up Toppo decides to help out Jiren as it is 2 against 1 fight. Vegeta attacks Toppo as Goku takes on Jiren alone. We have no information available about Android 18 and Frieza as of now.


Dragon Ball Super episode 127 spoilers:

Episode 127 is titled “Entrusted with Hope, the Final Barrier”. It might be possibly hinting towards the elimination of another warrior from Universe 7. Seems like Android 17’s barrier is set to be breached in this episode.

Android 17's barrier

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