Dragon Ball Super: Grand Priest!

Dragon Ball Super’s Grand Priest:

The Grand Priest (大神官 Dai-Shinkan) is an Angel and acts as the personal advisor and aid to Zeno. He has served Zeno for thousands of years.

He has 6 children Whis, Vados, Marcarita, Korn, Cus and Martinu. His power is said to be one of the top 5 fighters in all the Universes.

The Grand Priest seems to have an evil looking personality as he was smiling after the erasure of Universe 9 and 10.

Dragon Ball Super Grand Priest

All the Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction bow before him in respect. It seems that he likes Goku even though he doesn’t respect Zeno as we saw him chuckling when Goku gave Zeno a nickname.

Even if a particular Universe is erased, the Guardian Angles are not destroyed. Speculations are being made about why the Guardian Angels are not destroyed when everything else is erased. Although this is highly unlikely to happen, Zeno is an innocent child like person and the Grand Priest may be trying to control him for some reason.

In episode 124, Zeno couldn’t see the brawl between Dyspo and Frieza. Even though he tried to look it up in the GodPad in slow motion, he couldn’t see a thing. Then the Grand Priest said he would prepare a more high spec GodPad next time.

There are 4 other Universes which consists of strong mortal levels that didn’t participate in the tournament.

Does this mean there is going to be another tournament? The winning Universe of the Tournament of Power is set battle the remaining Universes in an other tournament? Will the losing Universes be erased again? We don’t know for sure!

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