Dragon Ball Super episode 124 and spoilers!

Dragon Ball Super episode 124:

Dragon Ball Super episode 124 is titled “The fiercely overwhelming assault! Gohan’s last stand!!”. Goku and Vegeta challenge Jiren together but hardly give a tough fight. Instead Jiren starts increasing his power to a whole new level.

Dragon Ball Super episode 124 Jiren vs Goku and Vegeta

Frieza has a trouble handling the light speed of Dyspo. So, he tries to make a deal. If Universe 11 wins, Dyspo should use the Super Dragon Balls to revive him so he might team up with Universe 11 to help them win the tournament. But Dyspo doesn’t make deals with evil and turns him down.

Dyspo vs Freiza and Gohan

When Frieza is backed up to the edge of the arena, Gohan comes to his rescue. To limit Dyspo’s speed, Gohan asks Frieza to narrow the Fighting area where Dyspo cannot move at his full speed. Frieza uses an attack and binds them both in a cage surrounded by lasers. Gohan has an advantage here but Frieza’s energy is drained and he loses his grip on the attack.

Dyspo powers up again but Gohan holds him and asks Frieza to eliminate them both as they cannot defeat him easily. Frieza uses an attack and both Gohan and Dyspo are knocked out of the arena. Fans are disappointed as Gohan has been eliminated without getting any power up of his own.

Gohan eliminated

Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta are up against Jiren. Jiren is pushed back as their coordinated attacks work. This is when Jiren releases more power to overwhelm his opponents.

Dragon Ball Super episode 125 preview and spoilers:

The time until the tournament ends is 6 minutes.

Episode 125 is titled “With imposing presence! God of Destruction Toppo descends!!”. Android 17 uses his infinite stamina to take down Toppo. As Toppo is pushed to the edge of the arena, his Pride Troopers custom made uniform is torn into pieces. Toppo considers the uniform as his pride, then he unleashes his God of Destruction like power.

“It looked as if Toppo had been defeated by the combined assault of No.17 and the rest of Universe 7! However, right as he prepares for the worst, something strange starts happening to Toppo’s body?!”

God of destruction Toppo

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