Dragon Ball Super the end of Universal Survival arc!

Dragon Ball Super the end of Universal Survival arc:

Hello readers! Today I’m going to talk about the Dragon Ball Super the end of universal survival arc. Yes, you heard it right. Dragon Ball Super’s last episode will air in March of this year.

Reports suggest that the Universal Survival saga would wrap in the late March. With the Tournament of Power about to wrap in the next few weeks. The exact date of the last episode is March 25th.

But again, this is not the end of Dragon Ball Super. We’ve already predicted some of the possibilities after the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Super episode 124 spoilers:

The time until the Tournament of Power ends is 7 minutes.

Jiren might take care of any prefect warrior, but their uncoordinated attacks aren’t prefect. This might be their chance to defeat Jiren.

Dragon Ball Super the end of Universal survival arc Jiren

Episode 124 is titled “The fiercely overwhelming assault! Gohan’s last stand!!”. Goku and Vegeta challenge Jiren together but hardly give a tough fight. Instead Jiren starts increasing his power to a whole new level.

Gohan will help Frieza who is battling Universe 11’s Dyspo who has also powered up. Frieza might have a difficult time handling Dyspo. But then, Frieza makes a proposal to Dyspo. He narrates that if Universe 11 wins, Dyspo should use the Super Dragon Balls to revive him so he might team up with Universe 11 to help them win the tournament.


Seems like Frieza realised that Universe 7 cannot win the tournament as they cannot defeat Jiren and thus he decided to join hands with Universe 11. Or he might do something familiar to what he did with Frost.

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