Dragon Ball Super episode 123 and spoilers!

Dragon Ball Super episode 123:

Hello readers! Dragon Ball Super episode 123 is titled “Body and soul,  full power release! Goku and Vegeta!!” Universe 7 and Universe 11 are up against each other in the Tournament of Power. Only 8 minutes are left until the tournament ends.

Android 17 stopps Toppo from moving and asks Gohan to eliminate them both as their coordinated attacks weren’t working. Gohan uses Kamehameha. However, Toppo survives the attack by a small margin.

Meanwhile, Frieza is battling Dyspo. Frieza was hardly damaged by Dyspo’s attacks. All the pride troopers were shocked to see the real power of Frieza.

Dragon Ball Super episode 123 Frieza

Goku battles with Jiren once more and seems like Jiren has the upper hand again. He uses a technique similar to land mines and plants them all around Jiren. But the attack doesn’t work. Goku uses a cluster of destructo discs and almost knocks him out. This is when Jiren releases his full power and attacks Goku. Goku says he has never been hit by such powerful attacks.

Dragon Ball Super episode 123 Goku being hit

Vegeta and Goku plan to attack Jiren with their coordinated attacks. Goku goes Blue and uses Kaioken. As Vegeta powers up, he remembers the promise he made to Cabba to resurrect all the Saiyans of Universe 6 using the Super Dragon Balls.

Vegeta then unleashes his full strength and achieves a new form by surpassing his limits. The creators have decided to give Vegeta a new power up at last. It might be possible that Vegeta’s new form is as strong as Kaioken Goku or even more.

Dragon Ball Super episode 123 Vegeta powers upDragon Ball Super episode 123 Vegeta's new form

Goku and Vegeta both attack Jiren at the same time. Jiren is pushed back by their coordinated attacks. Even though their coordinated attacks don’t work, it seems to be working for them. This is the end of Dragon Ball Super episode 123.

Vegeta and Goku vs Jiren Dragon Ball Super episode 123

Dragon Ball Super episode 124 spoilers:

The time until the Tournament of Power ends is 7 minutes.

Jiren might take care of any prefect warrior, but uncoordinated attacks aren’t prefect. This might be their chance to defeat Jiren.

Episode 124 is titled “The fiercely overwhelming assault! Gohan’s last stand!!”. Goku and Vegeta challenge Jiren together but hardly give a tough fight. Instead Jiren starts increasing his power to a whole new level.

Gohan will help Frieza who is battling Universe 11’s Dyspo who has also powered up. Frieza might have a difficult time handling Dyspo. But then, Frieza makes a proposal to Dyspo. He narrates that if Universe 11 wins, Dyspo should use the Super Dragon Balls to revive him so he might team up with Universe 11 to help them win the tournament.

Dragon Ball Super spoilers Gohan and Frieza vs Dyspo

Seems like Frieza realised that Universe 7 cannot win the tournament as they cannot defeat Jiren and thus he decided to join hands with Universe 11. Or he might do something familiar to what he did with Frost.

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