Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct Vegeta?

Hello readers! Today I’m going to write about Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct Vegeta. Vegeta has been in the spotlight for a couple of weeks now. Fans are wondering if Vegeta will attain the Ultra Instinct or not. I’m going to explain this with a few spoilers from the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super!

Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct Vegeta

We’ve all been expecting Vegeta’s new form for a while now and how would Goku and Vegeta defeat Universe 11 to obtain the Super Dragon Balls. Also, Jiren seemed a bit furious when Vegeta would obtain them after winning the tournament. Without any doubt, Jiren wants to obtain the Super Dragon Balls for his own wish or to wish for the betterment of his Universe.

Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct Vegeta:

We are sure that Vegeta has exceeded a normal Super Saiyan Blue form. But is it Ultra Instinct? No one knows! Many theories have surfaced online about this theory.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta

Some people say that since Vegeta has mastered the Super Saiyan Blue form, now it can be called as Super Saiyan Blue 2. Some tend to say that the form is Super Saiyan Blue Ultra Instinct. Others argue that Vegeta is going to obtain a new form. At this point of time we are not sure what to call Vegeta’s new form but he is going to be a lot stronger the next time he challenges Jiren.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta and Goku

One of the fans recoloured the end credits picture of Goku and Vegeta. He changed the colour from blue to grey. Vegeta just looks like he has achieved Ultra Instinct! Just look at his eyes!Dragon Ball Super recoloured Vegeta and Goku

Seems like Dragon Ball Super creators just want to hide the fact that Vegeta will attain the Ultra Instinct. If the creators decide not to give the Ultra Instinct power up to Vegeta, he cannot reach the power level of Goku anytime soon. Remember, in Dragon Ball Z, the creators gave Super Saiyan 3 power up to Goku and Vegeta was given his Majin power up.

Even with the power of Majin, given by Babidi, Vegeta was not as strong as Goku. Vegeta fans hope that this will not be repeated in Dragon Ball Super as well.

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