Dragon Ball Super Jiren!

Dragon Ball Super Jiren:

Hey everyone! Today I will be talking about the Dragon Ball Super Jiren of Universe 11. Jiren is considered to be the strongest warrior in the Tournament of Power. Right now, I think nobody can match him in combat. He’s just a monster. There are even some rumours that Jiren is stronger than Belmod, the God of Destruction of Universe 11. He is known as the only mortal even a God of Destruction cannot defeat.

We first saw a glimpse of his powers when he defeated Kale with a single attack. Later, he eliminated Maji Kayo from the tournament and after that he went on to fight Goku.
Without any doubt, Goku vs Jiren is the most hyped fight we’ve seen in a long time. He defeated Goku within a matter of seconds. Only when Goku awakened the power of Ultra Instinct, he was able to match him for some time.
After Goku lost, Hit challenged Jiren to a fight, and we found out that Hit has no chance against Jiren.  Even Hit’s final technique, that allowed him to stop Jiren in a time prison was not effective. Jiren broke through it and defeated Hit as well.
How was Jiren able to achieve this? Recently, I came across a theory and it might be possible. Jiren obtained the Super Dragon Balls and wished for something that is beyond strength or he couldn’t be defeated any opponent, no matter who he is!
This explains why he is so powerful. Belmod is raising Toppo to be the next God of Destruction as Jiren rejected the post.

Dragon Ball Super Jiren meditating

Jiren devotes everything to justice. He is against killing someone, even if they are evil. Looks like Jiren wants a wish to be fulfilled, even if it means breaking his own rules.

Jiren lives to protect Universe 11. He even stated that he would leave the tournament if he senses any threat to Universe 11. He does not want to be the cause for the destruction of other Universes.

Jiren’s eyes:

Jiren might be the strongest warrior in the Tournament of Power, but what’s with his eyes?

Dragon Ball Super Jiren's eyes

Jiren could stop any attack using only his eyes. Even when Hit used his final resort to knock him out, he stopped it with just a glare.

Above all, there is an energy barrier protecting Jiren. The warriors who are not worthy of fighting Jiren cannot even cross the barrier. Jiren is certainly very strong, but these qualities make him even stronger.

Some of the abilities that Jiren processes are as follows:

  1. Flight
  2. Ki Orb: Jiren engulfs an opponent in an energy orb before making it explode. We saw this move when Jiren attacked Vegeta in episode 122.
  3. Power Impact: Jiren fires a ki blast in the form of a fireball. He used this attack to knock Hit out of the arena and on many other occasions.
  4. Energy BarrierDragon Ball Super Jiren's energy barrier
  5. Invisible Strikes: Rumours have that Jiren uses Ultra Instinct for both attack and defence.

Jiren could stop most of the powerful attacks just with his glare, this is very strange.

We could also speculate that Jiren stores and uses very large amounts of energy by just using his eyes. What if Jiren is blinded by some attack? Lets say Goku’s Solar Flare!

Goku using solar flare

If Goku uses the Solar Flare to cause temporary blindness to Jiren, probably he could defeat him. If all of Jiren’s powers reside in his eyes, just by blinding him Goku could knock him out of the arena.

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