Dragon Ball Super new images have been leaked!

Hello guys! Dragon Ball Super new images of episode 122 have been leaked recently and they look very interesting. In the previous leaked images we could see other Gods of Destruction and angles with Universe 7 spectators. It has been two weeks since the last episode of Dragon Ball Super aired and fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the next episode.

Dragon Ball Super new images have been leaked:

Vegeta is going to go all out against Jiren in the next episode. Seems like Vegeta attacks Jiren with his Final Flash and destroys some of the spectator seats outside the arena due to which some of the Angles and Gods of Destruction are seen sitting with Universe 7.

Some more images from episode 122 were leaked earlier and we could see Arack sitting with Universe 7 spectators. Seems like he isn’t the only one to have moved from his seat. All the Angels and Gods os Destruction are either with Universe 7 or with Universe 11. We could see them confused and panicking at the same time.

Meanwhile, Toppo was promoted as the new God of Destruction. All of us wonder what happens to Belmod if Toppo got promoted. Might be that the news has been leaked so all the Gods and Angles, so they are shocked.

Maracarita has an evil look on her face. Does she has anything to do with Toppo’s promotion? We can’t predict any more at this point but the next episode will be one of the best in recent times. Images of episode 122 have been leaked 4 times. This has never happened before.

If you look at all the images, Beerus is still missing. Everyone wonders why Beerus is still missing in all the leaked images. Does it have anything to do with Toppo’s promotion? No one knows!

The way Kaioshin is looking at Belmod, we could confirm that something is happening with Belmod’s post as God of Destruction. Stay tuned for more!

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