Dragon Ball Super news: Will Universe 7 Win the tournament?

Dragon Ball Super news:

Dragon Ball Super news suggests that the Tournament of power is coming to an end as there are only 9 of 48 minutes left until it ends. Recent spoilers confirm that it isn’t going to be easy for Goku and his team as they are set to lose more warriors. We don’t know how team Universe 7 defeats the three remaining Pride troopers of Universe 11, but speculations are being made.

We have predicted the possible endings in the Tournament of power and they are as follows:

While trying to help Gohan to defeat Toppo, Android 17 might be eliminated?

Toppo is on the top of the line to be his Universe’s God of destruction as he is set to unleash his full power in one of the upcoming episodes. Episode 123’s spoilers suggest that Gohan and Android 17 engage in a brawl with Toppo. Android 17 tries his best to stop Toppo but Gohan hesitates and loses the opportunity to eliminate him. This might be the reason for the elimination of Android 17.

Frieza and Gohan knock out Dyspo?

Frieza is set to select Dyspo as his next target when Dyspo tries to destabilise team Universe 7. Amidst their battle, Gohan comes to help out Frieza against Dyspo. Dyspo might be eliminated with the combined attacks of Gohan and Frieza.

Either Frieza or Gohan is eliminated?

After defeating Dyspo, Toppo knocks out either Gohan or Frieza from the arena.

Universe 7’s warrior sacrifices himself to eliminate Toppo?

One of team Universe 7’s warrior is set to sacrifice himself to knock out Toppo. Most likely Frieza will be eliminated by Toppo, hence Gohan is the one to sacrifice himself for the sake of his team. This leaves GOKU and VEGETA vs JIREN!

Can Universe 7 win it all?

Dragon Ball Super Team Universe 7


According to the spoilers, Vegeta is severely injured while engaged in a fight with Jiren. In this way, he might unlock his Ultra Instinct to team up with Goku and defeat Jiren.

Will it be a draw?

Dragon Ball Super news Goku vs Jiren

Universe 7 and Universe 11 both have the best warriors around. Zeno might decide not to erase any Universe as Jiren and Goku are still on the arena and also due to the entertainment they have given to him.

The Super Dragon Balls remain, who will be granted the wish?

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