Dragon Ball Super might be doing something that fans really want to see!

Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power started a while ago and only 9 minutes are left until it comes to an end. Vegeta is going to go all out against Jiren in the next episode. We could see some of the other Angles and Gods of destruction sitting with Universe 7’s spectators. Some of the spectator seats outside the arena are destroyed by Vegeta’s Final Flash while targeting Jiren.

In addition to that, Beerus and Whis who usually sit beside Supreme Kai were also missing.

Dragon Ball Super Gohan:

Gohan’s power has drastically decreased since Dragon Ball Z. Back in Dragon Ball Z, he was an amazing character and with his powers he defeated enemies much stronger than him.

There was a time when he even surpassed Goku for a while. But, in Dragon Ball Super, Gohan is no longer the same guy. He is now weak when compared to his father. But, it looks like there is still hope for the young Saiyan. During the father and son sparring session before the tournament, Goku asked him to turn into a Super Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Super Goku vs Gohan

But Gohan said that he will achieve a form that no one has ever seen before. It has been explained by the angel, Whis, that Ultra Instinct is the state where the body acts on its own without the fighter thinking, thus unlocking the potential inside the fighter. Old Kai awakened Gohan’s sleeping abilities and unlocked his Mystic form.

In a way, these two abilities are similar. So, there’s a chance that he can achieve Ultra Instinct on his own. Gohan was supposed to have higher power than Goku. So, this is the perfect time for him to steal the show.

All Gohan needs is to step up and grab the opportunity. Just imagine if Gohan achieved the Ultra Instinct, fights Jiren and breaks through his wall of energy, we bet he’d give Jiren a tough fight and even has a chance of defeating him. It would be really interesting to see if the creators would just give Gohan his power up which the fans are waiting for desperately.

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