Dragon Ball Super Possibilities after the Tournament of Power!

Hello everyone! In this article I will talk about Dragon Ball Super possibilities after the Tournament of Power. There are a few speculations about the new saga of Dragon Ball Super.

Before we get to that, in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super “Staking his pride! Vegeta’s challenge to become the strongest!!“, Vegeta challenges Jiren and loses without even putting up a decent fight. Android 17 gives Gohan a chance to eliminate Toppo, but then he hesitates and loses the opportunity to eliminate him. Some of the images from the next episode have been leaked.

Dragon Ball Super PossibilitiesGohan and Android 17Krillin, Tien and Supreme KaiVegeta Vs Jiren

As we already know, each Universe has been allotted some space outside the arena as spectators. In one of the photos we could see Arack, the God of destruction and the Angel Cukatail of Universe 3 sitting with Universe 7 spectators. This has caused a lot of confusion among the fans.

Vegeta is going to go all out against Jiren in the next episode. In addition to that, Beerus and Whis who usually sit beside Supreme Kai were also missing in the same image.

Dragon Ball Super possibilities after the tournament:

Possibility 1:

Goku vs Beerus(Friendly rematch): This can be possible if Goku attains the Limit Breaker form and has a good chance of defeating Beerus in this fight.

Goku vs Beerus

Possibility 2:

Don’t you forget that there are 4 other Universes which consists of strong mortal levels that didn’t participate in the tournament. We might get to see something related to this.

Possibility 3:

Before the tournament started, Dende mentioned that reincarnation of Buu took birth in a village now called as Uub. Since Uub was shown as a very strong character at the end of Buu Saga , another saga related to Uub might be possible.



Possibility 4:

As we already know, Goku befriended the Omni kings, in a bizarre turn of events Goku may even challenge the Grand Priest for a fight. Therefore we may get to see an arc related to the Grand Priest.

Goku and Omni Kings


Possibility 5:

Even if a particular Universe is erased, the Guardian Angles are not destroyed. Due to which we may get to see some events related to the Grand Priest and the rest of the Guardian Angles. Although this is highly unlikely to happen, Zeno is an innocent child like person and the Grand Priest may be trying to control all the Universes with the help of the Guardian Angles.

Grand priest

Possibility 6:

After winning the tournament, Goku may revive all the destroyed Universes and we might get to see events related to all the 12 Universes.

Super Dragon Balls

Possibility 7:

After winning the tournament, Frieza plans to control all the Gods. There is a good chance that this might happen and what will our heroes do to stop this from happening!?


Possibility 8:

Vegeta promised Cabba that he will revive entire Universe 6 if he wins the tournament. Furthermore, Vegeta doesn’t want Saiyans to die even if they are from a different Universe. Hence we might get to see an entirely new Saga related to this. Therefore, this will take Dragon Ball Super to a whole new level where we might get to see a lot more Saiyans.

Vegeta and Cabba


These are the Dragon Ball Super possibilities that might happen after the Tournament of Power.

Akira Toriyama is very unpredictable. Toyotaro, Toei Animation always add something to the storyline which create hype among the fans.

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you enjoyed it.

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