Dragon Ball Super: Reasons why Goku is stronger than Beerus!

Hello everyone! In this article I will explain why Goku is stronger than Beerus. Before we get to that, Dragon Ball Super episode 121 aired last Sunday and we saw team Universe 7 defeating Anilaza and the erasure of Universe 3 from the tournament. There are still 9 minutes until the tournament ends.

Several theories surfaced online saying how Goku is stronger than Beerus. Well, this may be true. We all saw Goku battling Beerus in his God from a while ago. Beerus mentioned to Goku that he used up 70% of his energy against some opponent after a long time. Even in his God form, Goku couldn’t bring out the 100% fight in Beerus.

Dragon Ball Super Goku is stronger than Beerus


Dragon Ball Super theory:

Goku achieved his SSJ Blue form on Beerus’s home planet while training under Whis. Blue form is a lot stronger than a normal God form. We witnessed it when Goku used that form against Kefla. God Goku couldn’t even scratch Kefla but his blue form gave her a difficult time. In episode 122 Goku is set to unleash the full strength of his blue form.

Now the question is, will Beerus use at least 80%-90% of his energy against Goku’s blue form? We might get to see another Goku vs Beerus in the near future. So this question might arise in everyone’s mind.

Goku is stronger than Beerus..

If blue Goku could bring out 90% of Beerus’s fight then we can expect 20x Kaioken might bring out 95%-97% of his power.

If the above theory is correct then Goku will be much stronger than Beerus after the tournament of power.

It is well known fact that even Beerus couldn’t master the Ultra Instinct but Goku can tap into that ability when cornered. Perhaps if Goku masters the Ultra Instinct, he might achieve his new LIMIT BREAKER form soon in the tournament.

Limit Breaker Goku


If this happens, Goku will become the second warrior to become stronger than a God of destruction after Jiren.

If Goku achieves his Limit Breaker form then he can easily beat Beerus. All Beerus wants is his Universe to survive and he doesn’t seem to care if Goku can tap into Ultra Instinct.

The only way Beerus can defeat Limit Breaker Goku is by mastering Ultra Instinct.

So, we can say that Goku will be able to beat Beerus as of now. We don’t know what might happen in the future, like Beerus attaining Ultra Instinct. Looks like Zeno has been appointing Gods of destructions weaker than a few mortals.

In the next episode of Dragon Ball Super “Staking his pride! Vegeta’s challenge to become the strongest!!”, Vegeta challenges Jiren and loses without even putting up a decent fight. Android 17 gives Gohan a chance to eliminate Toppo, but Gohan hesitates and loses the opportunity to eliminate him. See the leaked images of the next episode below.

Goku vs JirenDragon Ball SuperDragon Ball SuperDragon Ball Super

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3 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super: Reasons why Goku is stronger than Beerus!

  • Well…That was in the movie so its non canon buddy.
    so Beerus is stronger than jiren and jiren is stronger than goku so..
    Beerus is still stronger than goku for now

  • Ok whis said that in the tournement of power there was going to be a mortal stronger then a god of destruction who was stronger than Beerus. In episode 109, whis confirms that Jiren was the mortal he was talking about. Later in episode 130, Goku surpasses Jiren’s hidden power which was stronger than his full power. Hence the reason Goku is stronger than Beerus.

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