Dragon Ball Super titles for upcoming episodes!

Dragon Ball Super titles for upcoming episodes:

Dragon Ball Super titles for upcoming episodes have been leaked!

Episode 122 titled “Staking his pride! Vegeta’s challenge to become the strongest!!”. Dyspo tries to destabilise team Universe 7 but is stopped by Frieza. Frieza selects Dyspo as his next target as he did not like his actions.

Dragon Ball Super titles for upcoming episodes Team Universe 7

Dragon Ball Super episode 123:

Episode 123 is titled “Full body, spirit and power unleashed! Goku and Vegeta!!”. Universe 7 and Universe 11 are up against each other in the Tournament of Power. Vegeta fights Jiren with all his might in this episode but fails to defeat him and is injured very seriously. He loses without putting a decent fight. It seems that the Prince of all Saiyans couldn’t achieve the Ultra Instinct against Jiren the Gray. Android 17 uses his whole body to stop Toppo from moving and asks Gohan to knock him out. However, Gohan hesitates and loses the opportunity to defeat Toppo.

Dragon Ball Super titles for upcoming episodes Vegeta

Dragon Ball Super episode 124:

Episode 124 is titled “A stormy, fierce attack! Gohan fights with his back to the wall”. Goku and Vegeta challenge Jiren together but hardly give a tough fight. Instead Jiren starts increasing his power to a whole new level. Gohan will help Frieza who is battling Universe 11’s Dyspo. Frieza might have a difficult time handling Dyspo which most of us did not expect. As a result he will be needing some help from his team, but then Gohan comes to his rescue.

Dragon Ball Super episode 125:

Episode 125 is titled “Advent of the God of destruction, Toppo! There is only overwhelming power!!”. It was revealed that Toppo, the leader of the Pride Troopers was actually a candidate to become Universe 11’s God of destruction. Vegeta and Goku will be fighting Jiren with all they’ve got. Gohan, Frieza and Android 17 take on Dypso and Toppo.

Dragon Ball Super episode 126:

The title and summary for this episode is not available yet.

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