Dragon Ball Super spoilers: Frieza’s fate in the tournament of power decided?

Frieza is yet to make his big move in the tournament of power. As the end of the Universal Survival arc draws near, he will soon be forced to engage in a major brawl to help U7 win the tournament. The latest DBS spoilers may have revealed Frieza’s fate in the tournament of power.

Frieza’s fate in the tournament of power to be decided by Jiren!?

Frieza’s fate in the Tournament of Power

Frieza was not originally a member of team U7. However, with the absence of Buu, Goku decided to make Frieza the 10th warrior even though his teammates wouldn’t agree. In order to convince him to join, Goku promised that he will be revived if they win the tournament. Despite avoiding powerful opponents like Jiren, Frieza has made major contributions by helping his teammates in difficult situations.

Dragon Ball Super’s writer may have hinted Frieza’s fate in the tournament of power. He is the only dead character in the tournament. We speculate that Frieza’s plan to conquer all the Universes would fail which will result in his possible death or erasure. With the tournament nearing an end, Frieza is expected to go all out and engage in a brawl with stronger characters such as Toppo and Jiren.

We believe that Frieza will be able to take care of Toppo and Dyspo but Jiren wouldn’t allow him to do so. Dragon Ball Super fans would want to see the battle between Frieza and Jiren desperately. We already know, Frieza is the exact opposite of Jiren’s nature. Frieza is known for his evil nature in Dragon Ball Z and Jiren is a true fighter of justice.

Frieza is the type of character Jiren despises the most. His evil nature could be enough for him to persuade to fight Frieza in the tournament. However, it remains questionable if his potential fight against Jiren will lead to his death. Jiren has never killed an enemy despite possessing a power greater than the God of destruction in his Universe. Stay tuned for more!

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