New Dragon Ball Super Theory Predicts A Controversial Finale!

Hello everyone! A new theory has surfaced the internet about a controversial finale which most of the fans have already expected to happen in the near future. The fans wondered if the anime would truly end with Frieza as its number one villain. Many of us know the finale will end with a bang, but then we don’t know what the creators are planning at this point of time.

Frieza vs Goku in the controversial finale?

Controversial Finale Goku vs Frieza

As the theory goes, Dragon Ball Super has been shaping itself up to end the arc with an insane clash between Frieza and Goku. The villain hasn’t shied away from his desire to take out all the Gods including the Omni-Kings.

As usual, Frieza wants to become the most powerful person that ever lived, He knows there is greater power in the multiverse than just Goku.

Frieza gaining such insane power has surprised everyone, but fans like it when an old enemy returns with an ultimate Golden form. After all, Frieza was the first major villain introduced in the anime.

Controversial finale Frieza


Dragon Ball Z fans are willing to see Frieza to make a comeback as a final enemy in the anime. Frieza has gotten more characterisation than any other villain in Dragon Ball history.

Frieza could be in left in hell forever after he gets an inevitable beatdown in the Universal Survival saga. There are no other villains that could replace Frieza in the tournament except Buu.

The future of DBS is uncertain,it is not possible to see where it will end up after the controversial finale. On the other hand, it could also end with a battle that would put Goku’s first bout with Frieza to shame. Not that he has done this in the past, but lets hope that Akira Toriyama doesn’t let the fans down with a predictable plot.

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